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  1. So, since I was asked several times for resources (in English) about islamophobia and antisemitism in France and Jewish-Muslim relations, I think I can advice this book by Maud S. Mandel “Muslims and Jews in France: History of a Conflict”. I haven’t read it myself yet (hopefully I do it soon) but the points she brings forward in the book seem to be summed up in this particular interview (which is very informative about the history of the relations between the two communities). You also can read the introduction of this book here

  2. cultiverunjardin a réagi à votre billet “I drove to Paris this weekend. and that is the last time I ever will I…”

    I gave up driving in Paris. it’s nerve wracking to lose time over finding a parking spot. you end up losing so much time you’d better have taken the metro

    Honestly, I only came with my car because I didn’t have the time for car-sharing and I had to take people with me (along with the fact that with a wedding, it’s better to have one more car if you want to drive home some guests etc. You never know). But if I was living in Paris, I wouldn’t even bother with a car tbh. Like you said, it’s nerve-wracking, it’s expensive (the gasoline goes by so fast!) and you have more risk of people breaking your windows to steal things in your car so… 

    On the positive side, it gave me some experience. Driving where I live is just a piece of cake compared to that. Even driving to cities like Lille and Amiens (I’ve done both) is so easy (even though you can often have a parking problem in those too). Paris is a whole another thing altogether. 

  3. tractionism:

    Over the last week or so in Australia a boy with dark skin was threatened with beheading, a woman had her head smashed against a wall and was thrown off a train, mosques and cars have been vandalised, people are being abused in the street and social media is littered with hate speech and vile comments. Kind of interesting considering most of these people justify their attacks by linking Islam to terrorism and proclaiming it’s a hateful religion from violent countries. 

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  4. avecsabombe not that much. haha. I went for my cousin’s wedding. The next day I was so tired that we didn’t go out much before leaving back home. I’ll tell you if I have adventures next time I go (which is probably soon).

  5. I drove to Paris this weekend. and that is the last time I ever will I think. It is not the first time I drove in a big city (I drive to Lille often) but wow Paris is something else entirely. And there’s NO WHERE to park your car. And Parisian drivers are rude. I hate Parisians already but when they’re driving, it’s another level of rude. They all need to chill.

  6. okanimese a réagi à votre billet “yungscholar replied to your post: yungscholar replied to your post:…”

    could you say something more about your issues with les indigenes de la republique? (i always hear the french ~progressive ~secular left shitting on them….and i feel it’s p much founded on islamophobia and/or racism, so…)

    You’re right about that last part. Criticisms against PIR (parti des indigènes de la République) coming from mainstream political parties in France are 99% of the time founded on islamophobia and racism. I’m definitely not here for these criticisms. 

    At first, I only had some issues with Houria Bouteldja. it was just my personal feelings but even if her work is good, there is that overtly moralizing tone throughout that has always put me off. And in the same time, I feel like her work doesn’t always reflect the situation in France accurately. 

    And when I was discussing her work with other Maghrebis, they all pointed out how disconnected they felt from her work too. And I know some who feel that she just uses people from the suburbs for her personal advancement. Anyway, truly, she does good academic work but something is just off. 

    But those were just my (and others’) personal feelings. That didn’t really discredit the PIR in my mind, on the contrary. 

    Until I learnt about what happened to 2 Muslim Maghrebi activists who used to be in that Party, they spoke about it in two articles (x , x) that are in French unfortunately. It’ll be a bit long and difficult to explain in English but here goes.  What happened is that a white academic in sociology, whose name is Alexandre Piettre, used those two activists in his work for his professional advancements. He got into the PIR and started looking into the work of these two activists in the suburbs. The thing is those two activists had no idea they were the objects of his academic “analysis” about Islam and the suburbs. They just thought he was a fellow activist and anyway, they say in the article that some founders of the PIR told them to trust him etc (was Bouteldja among them? I have no idea). He gave them lies to make them think he was one of them like he told them he was thinking of converting to Islam so these two activists trusted him, brought him in the local mosque and showed him their works, not thinking they were objects he was experimenting on. When they found out that Piettre was using them for his academic writings which they didn’t want to, they tried to solve the issue internally, that is to say inside the PIR. They asked PIR leaders to stop him from, what they call, “stealing” their life experiences so he can further his academic and professional accomplishments and they didn’t hear them out. Actually, some of them (like Sadri Khiari, Stella Magliani-Belkacem) even participated in a conference with Piettre about this particular work in which he used these two activists’ experiences without their consent. 

    Afterwards, PIR leaders said they wanted to be “neutral”, which is taking a stand for Piettre in the end no matter what. And the 2nd article is speaking further about this tendency of the Party to use youth from the suburbs for their conferences throughout Europe in some kind of voyeuristic experiment in which mostly white academics can take note about them as if they were some kind of objects to study. And that’s what they’re basically denouncing. So after they tried to solve this issue within the party, they decided to go public and they also interrupted a conference of Piettre to denounce his lack of ethics. Times later, A. Piettre, who claims to be this great anti-racist and anti-colonialist activist, called the police on them. That’s the horrifying thing, a white man, who’s in the PIR which claims to be this anti-system leftist party, called the police on two Maghrebi men calling them “salafists”. Later, he even accused them of being “anti-white racists”. And this man is still in the PIR whose leaders decided to remain “neutral” about this situation and don’t want to deal with him. They don’t want to sever their links with the elitist world that is academia apparently. That’s my one big issue with the PIR mainly. 

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    the13thcatsmeow replied to your post: yungscholar a réagi à votre billet “r…

    What does dragging mean?

    I wouldn’t even be able to tell you what it means haha. I guess it could be described as a (collective) way of shaming you for something wrong that you did or said. At least, that’s how I’d define it. 

  8. yungscholar a réagi à votre billet “yungscholar a réagi à votre billet “redphilistine replied to your…”

    omg im curious now what were ur politix three years ago

    I don’t know. LOL. honestly I wouldn’t even be able to describe them. Three (even four) years ago was the time when my politics got much better though. I think that before that, I was really naive on how the whole system worked. What I mean is that I had always been interested in politics but I think I had this really, what you’d call, a liberal view on it. I wasn’t critical at all about how the system worked as a whole or at least not critical enough. And three years ago was the time I realized a lot of things and got more critical definitely. I wasn’t really for any mainstream party though but I didn’t really look at the ideas of the far-left at the time yet. My political thoughts weren’t really well-fleshed before tbh.  Three/four years ago was also the time I started looking into Islam more seriously (step by step haha) and that really helped me into forming the politics I currently have now that I look back. There’s a pre-Islam/post-Islam period now that I think of it. 

  9. yungscholar a réagi à votre billet “redphilistine replied to your post: redphilistine replied to your…”

    i supported him as late as 2012 b/c i bought into that ‘lesser evil’ nonsense [waits to be dragged]

    Well, I won’t be dragging you if that makes you feel better. 2012 was the year that I met freaking Sarkozy. I’d be the last person on Earth to drag you. On the contrary, I am on the people waiting to be dragged list with you. 

    yungscholar a réagi à votre billet “I met Sarkozy once. Almost three years ago. He’s indeed small, he’s…”

    its ok i met musharraf tho i knew he was trash and my mom was openly hating on him i was young tho i got my picture taken w/ him smfh. when i become famous ppl will discover this and drag me for it. also is sarkozy ugly irl

    Lmao. The mistakes of youth, just blame it on that. We all make mistakes.

    Sarkozy has the exact same face irl than he does on TV. Honestly. No difference. The same devilish face. 

  10. nano10-9 replied to your post: I only went with my friend because 1) …

    So long as you didn’t cheer.

    I didn’t, of course not! Thank God I didn’t stoop so low. Going to meet him was low already. haha. 

  11. redphilistine replied to your post: redphilistine replied to your post: I…

    It’s ok, I supported Obama in 2008.

    Pretty sure we all did in our naivety at the time. 

    But yeah, for real, I deserve to be dragged for my decision to go and see Sarkozy at that time haha. 

  12. nano10-9 replied to your post: Anyway, what I learnt from this is tha…

    I once went to a dinner event with one. Spent the entire time either cringing or taking the piss out of the guy.

    Was it a British politician? Taking the piss out of the guy is a productive way to do it if you want my opinion. 

  13. yungscholar replied to your post: yungscholar replied to your post: Too…

    thats so sad. are you part of any progressive parties/politix in france like les indigenes de la republique

    Nah I’m not. Simply because no political party is interesting me tbh. I have some issues with les indigènes de la République (aside from the fact that they don’t seem to be very present in my region anyway). The only one that had really interested me lately was the maoist party (they refuse to participate in elections which is a very good step from their part) but I’m so ignorant about Marxism and Maoism for the time being that I didn’t look more into it yet. And also, there isn’t a huge political presence in French unis. We have really poor intellectual/political life. In terms of other groups like activist groups, I’ve started participating in this pro-Palestine movement a bit last summer (which thankfully have a presence in Lille. Thank God not everything is centralized on Paris in France). But you know, the fact that I still live in a small town and I don’t always have the financial means to use constantly my car etc makes it a bit difficult for me for the time being. :( 

  14. the13thcatsmeow replied to your post: Anyway, what I learnt from this is tha…

    Okay my dad just went through my tumblr dash and he said ‘yes’ to like 3 of your posts

    Aw! Say Salaam to your dad from my part. :)